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Jenna Bower
Can you believe that the first month of 2020 has already flown by!? And with those passing 31 days, how is your 2020 pest vision going?  If yesterday still feels like Christmas and you don’t know what has happened in between – we can help! We have decided to do a series of First Line...
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So…we did our research on the most popular pest predictions for 2020. And this is what we found…Climate change continues to be the #1 influencer for pest populations across the globe. Why? It’s simple really. Warmer temperatures = warmer winters = better survival = increased populations. In particular, we will experience increased populations of rodents,...
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Unlike the northern hemisphere, Christmas in South Africa is spent outdoors in the warm, summer sun. There is no such thing as a white Christmas. Rather, a pleasant, rain-filled (hopefully) one. But why does it seem like insects want to share in the Christmas festivities? Why do their populations proliferate around this time? Insects are...
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Southern Cross Schools was founded in August 2001 with the belief that nature inspires and equips children in ways that textbooks cant. The school provides a place where children can work in the natural environment and learn to love the natural wonders of the outdoors. It is a place where children can observe, interact and...
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