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SMARTSENZ® IPM is an eco-friendly Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Service designed to proactively manage and prevent pests in a sustainable way. The SMARTSENZ® IPM method is proudly protected by a South African patent under PAT2502474ZAPC

The SMARTSENZ® IPM service is provided by Avia-GIS RSA, a company established in September 2016 as the first international subsidiary of Avia-GIS NV (a Belgian Company specialised in software technology for a healthier world).


SMARTSENZ® IPM - Integrated Pest Management Services

We promise a reliable, cost-effective and outstanding Integrated Pest Management service tailored specifically to your needs.

A free SMARTSENZ® IPM Pest Survey


A free SMARTSENZ® IPM Pest Survey

A tailored IPM plan for your needs


A tailored IPM plan for your needs

A personalized pest portal for your business


A personalized pest portal for your business

On-going pest monitoring and analysis


On-going pest monitoring and analysis

An audit of your premises which includes:

Screening all buildings and structures for pest issues, reviewing the current pest control operations and assessing your sanitation, food, water and waste management procedures.

A tailored pest report and treatment plan aimed at:

Keeping pest populations below acceptable thresholds and preventing further pest nuisance on your premises.

A unique pest portal giving you 24 – 7 access to:

A pest demarcated aerial map of your property/ building plan, monthly service reports, monthly service certificates and all other pest related information that you need.


Constant pest population analysis and feedback to:

Fine-tune our approach and ensure optimal pest management for you.


  • We at Beta Kilo Fuel Station are proud to be using the services of the SMARTSENZ® IPM team. The professionalism and expertise offered by SMARTSENZ® IPM is not easily found in today’s business environment. There is also a drastic decrease in the number of pests in and around the served area. Thank you SMARTSENZ® IPM team – we highly recommend your services to others!

    Beta Kilo Filling Station
  • Wouldn’t use anyone else…SMARTSENZ® IPM has been servicing our hospital for some time. They are incredibly service oriented and have excellent staff with impeccable attention to detail. Best service and continued follow up visits.

    M Care
  • We have been with SMARTSENZ® IPM since the beginning and have not had a day’s trouble with any pests since then! They have brought a scientific, targeted approach to pest control which I have not experienced yet, while at the same time educating our staff on controls, as well as ensuring that everything is done in an eco-friendly way. Their service is second to none and are able to work around our lodge operation without having any impact on our guests.

  • We have been using the services of SMARTSENZ® IPM for a number of months now and can happily say they are professional, effective and diligent. Our pest control is well under control for the first time in many years. I would happily recommend them to anyone looking for a company that really knows their stuff. They send regular reports and photos to highlight what they are doing. This is supported by documented proof and reports showing that their products are doing what they guarantee they will do. They are a great team with which to work.

  • SMARTSENZ® IPM has been working with Inyati Game Lodge for a few years to combat Malaria and general pests around the lodge. The company takes a scientific approach to combating Malaria mosquitoes and any pest issue that we may have. Due to them collecting scientific data (collection and ID of mosquitoes, ID of pathogens in the insects etc.) they have formulated an extremely efficient strategy to control pests in an ecologically friendly manner. So much so that we are happy to discuss the control measures with our clients.

  • Leopard Hills are very proud to be associated with SMARTSENZ® IPM, and thoroughly endorses their ‘green approach’. They are a Company constantly looking at new innovative ideas to tackle issues in an environmentally friendly way. We, as a Lodge, highly recommend the SMARTSENZ® IPM Service and Professionalism.

    Leopard Hills
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