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Pest Management

Our SMARTSENZ® IPM service encompasses IPM,

contrasting the common service provided by many classic pest control companies. These companies favour routine application of pesticides without trying to understand pest biology, pest ecology and pest behaviour. In other words – why there is a problem in the first place.

We believe that these classic approaches are reactive, targeting adult populations that have already reproduced and hence actions are too late and ineffective.

Our IPM approach is proactive, targeting the entire lifecycle of pests to ensure minimum pest survival, absolute control effectiveness and least impact on the environment and non-target species.

Our SMARTSENZ® IPM service translates our expert knowledge of pest biology and ecology into a tailored management strategy for your situation, whilst conserving the delicate balance of nature.

We are currently testing SMARTSENZ software developed by Avia-GIS Belgium with support from the EU funded SME Instrument Program.

As part of this testing phase, we are contributing to a pilot project looking at methods to develop dynamic Pest Maps that will increase our capacity to deliver top-notch IPM solutions.

IPM Solution

We produce customer tailored IPM solutions by:

A free SMARTSENZ® IPM Pest Survey


A free SMARTSENZ® IPM Pest Survey

A tailored IPM plan for your needs


A tailored IPM plan for your needs

A personalized pest portal for your business


A personalized pest portal for your business

On-going pest monitoring and analysis


On-going Monitoring

An audit of your premises which includes:

Screening all buildings and structures for pest issues, reviewing the current pest control operations and assessing your sanitation, food, water and waste management procedures.

A tailored pest report and treatment plan aimed at:

Keeping pest populations below acceptable thresholds and preventing further pest nuisance on your premises.

Constant pest population analysis and feedback to:

A pest demarcated aerial map of your property/ building plan, monthly service reports, monthly service certificates and all other pest related information that you need.

Constant pest population analysis and feedback to:

Fine-tune our approach and ensure optimal pest management for you.

IPM requires a problem-solving approach that incorporates constant monitoring and analysis to ensure a sustainable, effective plan of action. As such, we are passionate about:

Pest Education

Solving Your Problem

Always Protecting You

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