thatch insects

Eco-friendly interventions for thatch insects

Thatch roofs are ideal homes for pests, especially when the roofs are left unattended/ uncleaned for long periods of time. Thatch insects such as fleas, mites, moths, beetles, mosquitoes and bird lice live in unmaintained thatch roofs. These insects cause discomfort when they fall onto beds and floors. They can be biting nuisances and can cause skin reactions. Not only this, but they attract other organisms such as spiders, geckos, scorpions, snakes etc.

Our Thatch Treatment Plan

Our SMARTSENZ® IPM experts use two methods to ensure the most effective and environmentally-friendly treatment for thatch roofs.

(In both instances, SMARTSENZ® IPM only uses blue and green label thatch products.)

We take pride in being an environmentally-conscious, green Organisation that always strives to minimize our impact on the environment and non-target organisms. Our services are not only effective, but we believe they are the , safest in the market, for your family, business and the planet.

At SMARTSENZ® IPM, we believe in protecting your aesthetic thatch buildings and the people
and animals beneath them.

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