Tailor-made strategies

considering all pest management techniques with chemicals as a last resort

What is

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

What is Structural Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

Structural IPM focuses on using techniques to make buildings and structures less attractive and accessible to pests. It promotes long-term pest management by addressing the underlying causes of infestations, rather than the symptoms. In this way, structural IPM minimises the use of harmful pesticides and focuses instead on sustainable and environmentally friendly methods.

Techniques include:

IPM is the consideration of all available pest management techniques and other measures that discourage the development of pest populations, whilst minimizing risks to human health and the environment (CropLife International and Food & Agriculture Organization).

IPM is a tailored, site-specific strategy for managing pests in the most cost-effective, environmentally sound and socially acceptable way. It is a successful system that makes good use of local resources and the latest research, technology, knowledge and experience.