sustainable termite management.

Termites are known for their destructive behaviour, destroying wood and other cellulose-based materials. They can cause serious damage to your structures, leading to costly repairs if not properly addressed. Conventional termite management largely relies on specialized equipment that injects hundreds of liters of chemical into the ecosystem. At SMARTSENZ® IPM, we understand the importance of protecting your structure, but the intense chemical treatment is not in line with our sustainable and eco-conscious philosophy. That is why we offer eco-friendly termite control solutions that effectively minimize termites
without causing harm to the ecosystem.


Termite Infestations: What You Need to Know

The most common type of termites in South Africa are Subterranean termites. These termites build nests in the ground and travel to your home for material. It is important to detect termite infestations early to prevent significant damage to your building. Signs of termite infestation include:

What Do We Do For Termites?

SMARTSENZ® IPM conducts an in-depth survey to assess how we can treat the problem, prevent further infestation and protect the ecosystem at the same time.

Our experts:

At SMARTSENZ® IPM, we believe in using environmentally responsible solutions to proactively prevent and minimize termite infestations.

By using eco-friendly methods, we can proactively minimize termite infestations and harm to
the ecosystem.

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