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About Us

SMARTSENZ® is an eco-friendly integrated pest management service designed to proactively manage and prevent pests in a sustainable way.

Together with our international partner Avia-GIS, we are constantly kept up to date with the latest research and have access to the newest and most innovative pest management tools for the South African market.

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) service is designed for all industries; hospitality, healthcare, commercial, food processing, agricultural etc. If you have a pest problem, we will be there to help you solve it!


Our mission is to reduce the chemical footprint of the pest control industry.


Our vision is to support society worldwide with sustainable Integrated Pest Management solutions.

We Promise a

We promise a reliable, cost-effective and outstanding Integrated Pest Management service tailored specifically to your needs.

Outstanding Service Quality

by being proud of what we do

Long-term Financial Savings

by using a cost-effective, targeted approach

Sustainable Pest Management

by limiting chemical application and targeting the entire lifecycle of pests

Best Management Practices

by using best sanitation, food, water and waste management practices

Reduced Health Risk

by taking care of your pest problem and using chemicals as a last resort

Environment & Social Responsibility

by using our smart and sustainable service protecting our environment for future generations

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