Is there a connection between Covid-19 and cockroach outbreaks?

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It’s hard to believe that there can be a connection between your cockroach outbreak and Covid-19, but if you have been working from home ever since 2020, you might find your answer here.

With so many individuals switching to working from the comfort of their homes, our homes have undergone a tremendous transformation. We consume a larger amount of food and in so doing have more waste materials. We also may clean less because we are constantly there. Both factors unintentionally result in unwelcome visitors—cockroaches. Relevant information shows a particular connection between COVID-19 and the recent cockroach infestations in South Africa (Ebrahim, 2023). (Adonis, 2023) 


Working from home habits and poor hygiene practices: 

As people get used to their new home-based work routines, the lines between personal and professional settings start to blur. Personal hygiene practices could unintentionally be neglected as a result of increased attention to work-related tasks. Cockroaches can thrive in an atmosphere that is not regularly cleaned, such as when dishes go unwashed for extended periods of time or food waste is not properly disposed of. Thus, it is crucial to practice excellent hygiene habits because these pests flourish in unhygienic environments. 

The cockroach problem in South Africa: 

Cockroaches are a persistent pest issue in South Africa, especially in urban areas. It is the perfect setting for creatures to thrive and develop due to the warm climate, an abundance of food supplies, and acceptable habitats. Insufficient hygiene combined with remote work habits might make cockroach infestation problems that already exist in homes worse. Effectively battling these pests depends on having a thorough understanding of the unique difficulties South Africa faces and taking the necessary action. 


Understanding the connection between poor hygiene practices, increased food usage, and waste products during remote work is essential in curbing cockroach infestations. By being conscious of our habits and maintaining cleanliness, we can create an environment that discourages these pests from taking up residence in our homes. 


It is crucial to remember that cockroaches are not merely a nuisance; they can pose health risks and damage property. By taking proactive measures and seeking professional help if needed, we can safeguard our living spaces and maintain a hygienic work environment. 




What can you do to keep cockroaches away? 

If you work from home, and struggle to obtain or improve the level of hygiene your home needs to be cockroach-free, read more about the steps you can take in one our latest articles ‘Keeping cockroaches away from your home in South-Africa’, or click here to get hold of a Smart Senz professional and ask your questions.

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