November ’21: Pantry pests – who else might be eating your cereal?

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A pantry is always a main attraction for any pest. Ants, cockroaches, fruit flies, and even rats… the list goes on.

One of the most common pest problems in a pantry is a beetle infestation. The absolute horror of going through the pantry and realizing you have been sharing your food with a nasty little critter is something we all have experienced some time or other. Or even worse, when you pour that flour into your mixing bowl and see ‘chocolate chips’ that aren’t chocolate chips!

These insects can easily infest foods such as flour, grains, sugar, cake mixes, rice and so much more if you don’t store your goods in proper sealed containers.

Here are some easy tips to help you prevent pantry beetle infestation.

  1. Sealable containers – Store dry baking goods goods in air tight containers.
  2. Natural Repellants – Make use of bay leaves. This is a natural repellent for pantry bugs.
  3. Inspect your groceries – be cautious when buying food where the packaging is damaged as it may already be infested with bugs.
  4. Overstocking – Do not overstock on food. Check the expiration dates on any groceries and make sure to get rid of anything that has expired.
  5. Eliminate moisture – any pest is attracted to moisture, so keeping everything dry is critical! Fix any leaking pipes and clean up any liquid spills.
  6. Keep it clean and tidy – Ensure to keep your pantry (and kitchen) clean. This will help you notice any spills or water leaks in a timely manner.

These steps will help you keep your pantry clean of any pests, but if you are ever in doubt – call a professional who will inspect your home and give you the best solution for your particular needs.


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