Thatch Pests 101

Thatch roof with pests

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What are thatch pests?

Thatch pests are insects that thrive in the layer of dead grass, roots, and organic matter known as thatch. Thatch roofs are common in South Africa due to their historical significance, natural insulation properties, and abundant availability of indigenous thatching materials, providing homes with a unique blend of tradition, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. Common culprits of thatch pests include beetles, bird lice, fleas, mosquitoes, dust mites, chinch bugs, grubs, and ants.

Realistic imaging of Thatch pests

Where do thatch pests come from?

Thatch pests often originate from surrounding grassy areas and soil. They find shelter and sustenance in the thatch layer, making it their ideal habitat. These pests can be introduced by human activities. For example, bringing in infested plants, firewood, or other materials to the vicinity of the thatch roof.

What do they attract?

A thatch roof can attract various animals, not just pests commonly associated with lawns. Here are some other animals that may be attracted to a thatch roof:

Other Animals by thatch pests: Birds, Rodents, Insects, Bats, Lizards, Geckos, Snakes

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How SMARTSENZ Treats Thatch Pests

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