The Effect of Climate Change in the Pest Control Industry.

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We have all been bombarded with information regarding how our actions are negatively affecting the environment. These effects have been so severe that we are changing weather patterns – resulting in GLOBAL WARMING.

Even though Global Warming is a very serious issue and we have been experiencing the effects first-hand for the last 20 something years (although some people don’t believe in it – which is a topic that we wont go into here!), people are growing tired of the same monotonous message:

  • Reuse,
  • Reduce,
  • Recycle.

Perhaps it’s time that we approach this serious environmental situation from a different angle?

The fact is – not all effects of Global Warming are doom and gloom to everyone/ thing. To some, it is an opportunity to thrive!!

Who are we talking about? Pests of course! Most pests thrive in warmer, more humid climates since these conditions allow for faster breeding cycles. Thank you global warming?!

Enter pest management companies.

The growth opportunity for the pest control industry is looking good! BUT, is this growth going to lead to an increased usage of chemicals and pesticides as well? If so, we are not only looking at the environmental effects of THAT, but also the biological effects of pesticide resistance  – ultimately MORE SUPERBUGS.  And the cycle will continue – the cycle of environmental destruction, increased chemical usage and ever ‘superer’ and ‘superer’ insects.

With this bigger picture in mind, we hope that we have given some ‘food for thought’ before picking up the phone to call any Tom, Dick or Harry to ‘exterminate’ your pests. The sustainable way forward IS the eco-conscious, integrated pest management way. This is the reality of the world we are living in.


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