December: Uninvited Christmas Guests?

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December may be the time where most people relax and take their well-deserved breaks, but it may not be the time that pests do the same as well!

Whether you typically stay in a private home or travel to beloved friends and local family, you are bound to have an undesired interaction with a few uninvited guests.

Below is a list of insect pests to look out for during your December holiday:

Fish-moths (silverfish): As you reach for those Christmas decorations that have been stored in the bottom of your cupboard for eleven months, be aware of the possible fish-moths that you may find as well! Dusty, cardboard boxes are the perfect hiding and breeding place for these tiny silver-blue insects. Citrus fruits and cinnamon are active repellents that will protect your decorations and get your house smelling fresh at the same time!

Mosquitoes: Unfortunately, mosquitoes are the most common pest that can irritate you during the Christmas time in South Africa (since it is our summer/ rainy season in many parts of the country). So, ensure that you have a mosquito repellent close by and ensure that your gin stocks are full!

Flies: There is nothing worse than sharing your hard-earned Christmas dish with this uninvited guest! So, leading up to your important day, ensure that you remove your garbage from your property regularly. And (if that mother-in-law is on her way) clean, clean, clean that food preparation area! If it is hot, it is a great idea to close the windows but turn on that ceiling fan. Air circulation hinders the ability of flies to – you guessed it – fly!

Ants: Even though ants are essential for the ecosystem, they are not essential for our Christmas pudding enjoyment. Ants are sneaky little things, so it may not be enough to merely cover food and maintain cleanliness. To enjoy absolute peace of mind, ensure that you remove all traces of food on surfaces and use a long-lasting gel treatment that you can place around your kitchen.

No matter how hard we try, insect pests will always be a part of our lives. Nevertheless, if we educate ourselves about pests and eco-conscious methods to keep them at bay, we can still enjoy our holidays with food, family and friends!

Merry Christmas and may 2021 be full of excitement and increased opportunities!

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