November: Top Questions Pest Management Professionals Get Asked Everyday

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#1: Is this treatment safe for pets and children?

Modern pest control treatments are generally safe, however it needs to be noted that pest management professionals may use a pesticide, which is a chemical that is designed to kill a small pest. Thus, non-target animals and pets would usually need to ingest a large amount of pesticide to become fatally ill. If you do have small pets such as guinea pigs, or different kinds of pets such as snakes, it is always a good idea to tell the pest management professional so that he knows what precautions to take.

#2: My friend had a pest treatment done on his/ her property for her xxxx pest problem. Will this treatment also work for me?

Not all pest treatments are the same because not all pests are the same. A pest treatment should never be a reactive, one-solution-fits-all approach and thus should never be exactly the same as any other treatment. A treatment should look at the surrounding environment and ask why there is a pest problem in the first place. It may be that you do not take your rubbish out as regularly as your neighbour and so offer a more permanent food source for pests, or it may be that you have a bird bath that you never clean and so has become a mosquito breeding site.

#3: How do you determine what treatment should be carried out?

A pest management professional needs to look at each situation in a unique way. The professional will look at what kind of pest is there, what life stage it is in (i.e. the presence of larvae or eggs means that there are potential breeding sites that need to be taken care of), what level of infestation you have and why it has been attracted to your property.

#4: I have a spider on my ceiling, will you come and remove it?

Spiders (unless venomous) are usually completely harmless. They feed on mosquitoes and other insects which will probably annoy you further. Thus, they are free, 24-7 pest professionals! However, we do understand that this information may not be enough, and so if you do want to remove the spider – ask someone who is not afraid to grab a container and gently guide the spider into the container to be released again outside.


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