February: The First Line of Defence against Mosquitoes

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Can you believe that the first month of 2020 has already flown by!? And with those passing 31 days, how is your 2020 pest vision going? 

If yesterday still feels like Christmas and you don’t know what has happened in between – we can help! We have decided to do a series of First Line Defence blogs that will give you the know-how on how to tackle important pests. 

So, let’s begin…with mosquitoes 🙂

Water and mosquitoes go together. 


Because water is needed for mosquito eggs to develop into larvae. Eggs are laid either directly in the water, in soil near water or at the base of vegetation or artificial containers where there will be water in the near future. When an egg is submerged in water, it takes approximately 2 weeks for it to develop into an adult.

Typical mosquito breeding sites can be septic tanks, drains, decorative ponds, any place where water leaks to form a small puddle, used tyres and any artificial container that can hold water

Why are we telling you this?

So that you can go outside right now and have a look at what sort of breeding ground you are offering these pesky pests. 

How do you reduce the chance of attracting mosquitoes to your home?

Simple – try to minimize all objects outside that can hold water after a rain. If these objects are not needed, remove them. If you can store them underneath a roof, do so. If you can drill a hole in an empty flowerpot so that the water can drain – do it. If you have a wheelbarrow that is always outside, store it upside down. 

The first line of defence against mosquitoes is to recognize and remove all objects/ areas that can become mosquito breeding sites

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