January 2020: Lets prepare ourselves for 2020 Pest Vision

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So…we did our research on the most popular pest predictions for 2020. And this is what we found…Climate change continues to be the #1 influencer for pest populations across the globe. Why? It’s simple really.

Warmer temperatures = warmer winters = better survival = increased populations.

In particular, we will experience increased populations of rodents, flies and birds.

Although you might have already written down your New Year’s resolutions, we bet that you have left some things out:

Mice on the rise resolutions:

  1. Rats can squeeze through a 2 cm hole, whilst mice can squeeze through a 1.5 cm hole! So – sealing all possible entry points into your building is essential for keeping rodents out. Look for gaps, cracks, openings and seal these with rodent proof materials such as metal mesh, hardware cloth or metal sheeting.
  2. If you store a lot of food in your building, measure the gap underneath the door of that storage area. If you find that it is big enough to be an entry point, install a door sweeper.
  3. Always clean up after yourself and seal any food in air-tight containers off of the floor.
  4. Practice efficient garbage management (and this goes for all pest preventative New Year’s resolutions). Removing garbage from your building less than once weekly will not cut it. If you store large quantities of garbage, ensure that your garbage is stored far away from the building in sealed bags inside lidded bins. Store the bins on easily washable surfaces such as concrete.
  5. Cut away any bush that is against your building as rodents love to use it as a bridge into your home, or as a hiding/ nesting place.

Fly fiesta resolutions:

  1. Let’s sat it again: efficient garbage management. Keep your building and garbage area clean of all residues and items that may attract a fly to land there or lay their eggs there.
  2. Sanitation. Always clean surfaces and areas so that you don’t leave any food behind.

Bird bonanza resolutions:

  1. Bird proof your property. There are plenty of pest management companies (like ours) that offer this service.
  2. Do not feed the birds!

In general, whatever attracts you to your home will most likely attract a pest as well. Generally, these are food, water and shelter.

So…go and get that pen. Find that piece of paper. Write these resolutions down.

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