How are sticky traps useful for managing cockroaches?

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First things first, what are sticky traps?

Cockroach sticky traps are usually a small cardboard box with a sticky residue on the bottom. Cockroaches crawl over the sticky residue and get stuck. ThGenerally, the traps are used to monitor cockroach movements and infestations in a particular area.

In South Africa, we have many types of cockroaches, but the German cockroach is most common.


Interesting facts about the German Cockroach:

These cockroaches have a very high reproduction rate.
They prefer warmer more humid areas – that’s why we often find them behind electric appliances. They spend most of their lives hidden and protected.
The cockroach egg capsules are not susceptible to insecticides.
They regularly seek out and move to new areas often.
They also develop resistances to insecticides


What can the sticky trap do for you?

  • The presence of many cockroaches of all sizes usually indicates a heavy infestation, as there are cockroaches in all different stages in the life cycle. This is usually a good indicator that the surrounding area needs to be treated.
  • In the absence of cockroaches on a trap; it means there is either no infestation, a very small population, or the trap is placed incorrectly. It is always best to move the trap to a different location to be sure.
  • Finding only small nymphs means that there is an egg case nearby that has recently hatched. This indicates that only a small area surrounding the trap should be treated as nymphs don’t travel far.
  • In the case of only adult cockroaches being caught, the infestation may be new as no young have been produced yet.
    Having only male cockroaches might indicate that the trap isn’t located at the focus point as male cockroaches tend to wander farther away.
  • If all the cockroaches have only been caught on one side of the trap, then you know which direction they are coming from and can determine where the treatment should be done.
  • If you find adult cockroaches with curly wings on the trap, they have been exposed to an insect growth regulator (IGR). The use of IGR is another method of pest management that stunts insect growth and reproduction.

Cockroach sticky traps are a useful tool for monitoring and the control of these pest insects.

** Different pests require different sticky traps. SMARTSENZ® IPM does not endorse the use of sticky traps other than those designed to control cockroaches.

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