How to deal with flies in the summertime

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The summer has arrived and so have the flies.

With warmer temperatures and longer daytime hours, we can enjoy gatherings with loved ones and braais outside. However, we’re not the only ones that enjoy the summer environment. There are many summertime pests around who can spoil our fun. Flies are one of them – not only are they annoying when they fly around our faces, but they can also be a serious health hazard.

Flies frequently consume animal excrement and decomposing plants. When they fly from food source to food source, they transmit viruses/diseases, causing sickness and diseases among humans.

However, just because there are a lot of flies around, it does not mean you have to put up with these pests. Here are 3 strategies to protect yourself from all kinds of flies this summer:

  1. Empty your rubbish bins at least twice a week, and place these as far from your house’s entrance as you can. Also, make sure they are tightly closed.
  2. Keep an eye out for liquids (i.e., leftover meal mess on your counters, or leaking taps and blocked drains that cause standing dirty water). Remove these as much as possible.
  3. Create as many preventative exclusion/ deterrent solutions as possible (i.e. fly screens over windows, fans, mini fans for food tables).


Although pests will regrettably always exist, the SMARTSENZ IPM team are always ready to assist in the safest and most eco-conscious way!

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