July: Winter Critters

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We wake up in the morning and it is still dark. There is an icy frost on the grass and our first point of contact is the kettle. Winter is here and (other than COVID restrictions keeping us at home) people are staying at home to seek the warmth instead of venturing outside.

Just as we are attracted to our homes for warmth, so too are pesky critters.

Although many pest populations decrease over winter – e.g. flies and mosquitoes – some of you may be experiencing an influx of rodents, cockroaches and termites. 

Rodents do not hibernate. They are active throughout the year and, of course, would rather spend their winter indoors with our provision of warmth, security and food than outside in the cold with our cats.

Cockroaches are ever developing and never dying (it seems). They could easily survive the cold conditions outside, but they love hot and humid conditions that can be found behind our fridges and washing machines. 

Don’t become a refuge from the cold for pesky critters. Pest-proof your house this winter!

  1. Seal those entry points such as the gaps under your doors, the cracks between your window frames, the small holes in the corner of the garage wall and the space between your roof and the top of your wall. 
  2. Secure your food sources. There have been a lot of specials on tuppawares this winter – make use of them and store your food in tightly sealed containers. 
  3. During this COVID-19 lockdown, a lot of people have ‘winter-cleaned’ their cupboards. Don’t stop there but go out into your garden and garage as well! Remove the old furniture, the old piles of wood and clutter – since these are perfect hideaways for rodents. 

Signs that you home is already a refuge:

  1. Gnawed furniture
  2. Chewed wires (if this is the case, pest proof your garage immediately to not let rodents get into your vehicles)
  3. Droppings and urine along the edges of rooms
  4. Nocturnal noises in your roof

Just the other day we saw one of the largest rodents I have ever seen trapezing along the top of our garden wall!

If you need assistance in pest proofing or removing pests that have already found your home a very attractive hideout – call a professional. They will ensure that your home is more difficult to enter than your neighbours 😉

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