Virtual Global Apprenticeship

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Over the last two months, we have partnered with Ingenious Faces for their flagship virtual global apprenticeship program. 

Amongst other mentors such as Uber, and Amazon, we have had the privilege of offering three graduates SMARTSENZ apprenticeships. 

These apprenticeships designed by Ingenious Faces center around developing learnability and employability through workplace experience, knowledge and mentorship from different countries (virtually of course). 

Graduates are offered apprenticeships in their chosen areas of interest such as marketing, strategy, finance, growth or operations. Through their chosen apprenticeship, they are given the global exposure (from the safety of their homes) needed to enhance their employability status. 

During this COVID-19 time, we think that this virtual initiative could not have come at a better time. 

To find out more about these virtual apprenticeships, visit Ingenious Faces at

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