June ’21: Important Organisms

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Insects are everywhere and by far the most common organisms on the planet.

Not all insects are harmful. Many play very important roles in our ecosystem.

For example:

  • ants recycle nutrients,
  • mosquitoes pollinate flowers (yep – the males do!),
  • termites maintain soil structure & fertility and
  • ladybugs control populations of other pest organisms.

Almost all insects are either primary or secondary decomposers, making our planet cleaner AND all insects naturally play a role in the food web, existing as food for a wide range of animals and humans.

They are part of our landscape and nature, and without them – a lot of our bird, fish and amphibian species would die out!

So….understanding insects and what their main function is in the ecosystem can help you to decide on when, how and how much to maintain their population if they come into contact with you. And if you have to maintain their population, do it in a way that is not harmful to other, beneficial insect species.  

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