May ’21: The 1st Month of Winter

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Even though our South African climate does not bring us to put on the snow jackets and boots, it certainly still has a chill in the air! Luckily, it is still cold enough to bring a slight reprieve from pesky pets such as mosquitoes and flies. Aaand… if we are lucky – other pest such as rodents, cockroaches and termites as well.

But where do these pesky pests go?

The not-so-good news is that although their breeding activity slows and some pests hibernate, the majority of pests are STILL THERE. They have just flocked indoors to find that cozy and safe space to be still and wait for Spring.

  • Rodents are natural hibernators and so are extremely attracted to your low-traffic places such as your garage, shed, wood pile….
  • Cockroaches love the warmth and, depending on the species, will often find a warm & damp place to hideout until nighttime, such as the back of your fridge!


Keep a look out for those places that you dont really think about – the places that provide warmth, shelter and maybe even some food or water scraps to unwanted guests! Do some pre-winter maintenance checks now so that you aren’t the ‘holiday home’ of choice this winter!


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