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Winter pests
Silverfish – as the name suggests – are metallic silver insects that move fast across surfaces in a swimming motion. They thrive in highly humid areas such as cupboards and bathrooms (which tend to become steamy and more damp in winter) and feed on just about anything from book pages, wallpaper, clothing and even glue!...
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It is a common misconception that all pests hibernate and disappear in late autumn and winter months. Although pest activity is somewhat lower than in the summer months, they can still be problematic. Its important to know what sort of pests to look out for in autumn so you can identify and deal with the...
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We wake up in the morning and it is still dark. There is an icy frost on the grass and our first point of contact is the kettle. Winter is here and (other than COVID restrictions keeping us at home) people are staying at home to seek the warmth instead of venturing outside. Just as...
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