2023 Eco-friendly pest control

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The Green Economy

With the start of the new year, we are noticing new trends in pest control. In line with the growing ‘green economy’, pest control customers are wanting green/ organic pest control! This new trend brings our company, SMARTSENZ® Integrated Pest Management Services, much joy because this is why we are here!

Our humble beginnings

From our humble beginnings in 2017 where we worked solely with game reserve managers to develop an environmentally conscious pest control service, we have tried to push our way into the commercial world and opened branches in Nelspruit, Joburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. We have always wondered whether we are in the right place at the wrong time, because South Africa has not shown much interest in eco-friendly options for services such as pest control.

Now, we are excited for the future.

This is most especially the case because we are not chasing the green economy for profits…We have aways had the environment close to our heart. Our CEO’s dream has always been to try and leave the environment in a better state than when we found it. Combining her master’s degree in Conservation Biology with our COO’s background in pest control – SMARTSENZ® IPM has been educating and solving pest problems with an environmentally conscious purpose for 6 years.

Our mission 
To reduce the chemical footprint of the pest control industry.

Our vision 
To support society worldwide with sustainable integrated pest management solutions.

Our Purpose
We manage pests and change the pest control industry in South Africa by authentically training people to eliminate pesticides in order to preserve the environment and its people.


2023 brings many exciting events for SMARTSENZ® IPM.

In January, we will be starting a pest control program in a game reserve with absolutely no pesticides! We will be partnering with owls, bats and using natural products to help the game reserve prevent pest infestations. For us, this is the future of SMARTSENZ® Integrated Pest Management Services.

Yes, we know that pest control is a grudge purchase, but without it our world would have much less food and much more disease (vector borne diseases transmitted by pests). Did you know that currently, the world loses 45% of its food to pest losses (World Health Organization, 2020). In addition, 17% of all diseases are vector-borne diseases (World Health Organization, 2020). Imagine what these numbers would be if we did not have pest control!

So, what can you do?

As a customer, you can make a huge different for your property, people and plant by choosing the right pest control supplier.

Why don’t you start today?

Contact SMARTSENZ® Integrated Pest Management Services for a free survey, report and quote.

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