Bed Bugs – December ’22

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The travelling Bed Bug Season

Many of us are looking forward to this holiday season, more so because this year has been a stressful year of figuring out how to get back to ‘normal’ after the COVID pandemic.

This holiday time is usually one full of travel. Whether you are looking for a place to stay or getting your accommodation ready for visitors, its important to make sure that the place where you lay your head to rest is safe, clean and bed bug free!

Having bed bugs in your property does not mean that it is dirty. Bed bugs are not attracted to dirt, they are attracted to warmth, blood and carbon dioxide. Bed bugs can be found anywhere, from a single bed in a small B&B to a queen-sized bed in a 5-star hotel. These insects don’t discriminate.

So, how do you know if you have bed bugs?

Bed bugs look like small black/ reddish-brown spots. They often hide in the seam folds of mattresses, pillows and headboards. They travel on bags and clothing, meaning that you need to check your guest room before and after your guests have stayed.


Bed bugs are mainly active at night and usually bite while you are asleep. They feed by piercing your skin with an elongated beak and then sucking up your blood. They can feed for up to 10 minutes before they get full and detach from your body.

Most bedbug bites are painless, but they can turn into itchy bumps similar to mosquito and flea bites.


If bed bugs are crushed, they will leave small brown/ red stains on your mattresses, sheets or pillows. They also leave spots of excrement or shed skin!


If the infestation is severe, you may experience a musty smell.

And what do you do if you DO have bed bugs?

If you are a guest, you should inform your host who needs to do a thorough inspection to correctly identify the pest. You can ask to be moved to a different room but be sure to inspect all your luggage and clothing (anything that was unpacked) beforehand. Its best to have all clothing and bags steam cleaned before moving them.

If you find that bed bugs have been left behind by your guest, you should wash all bedding in hot water and steam clean curtains, scatter cushions, carpets, headboards and the inside of cupboards and drawers.

And if you don’t want to do any of the above, partner with a pest control company who can offer you a preventative treatment to stop an infestation before it occurs! The old adage holds true – prevention is better than cure.

Contact SMARTSENZ® IPM for bed bug treatments and prevention!

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