Natures Pest Control – November 2022

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Did you know that mother nature has her own team of natural pest control operators?

And just like mother nature, our team at SMARTSENZ® Integrated Pest Management Services practice responsible pest control.

Do we compete with these natural pest controllers?  Naa, we encourage all things nature. And you should too!

Here is a list of animals who are specialists in their fields and are masters in controlling pests 100% naturally:


These armored mammals are one of the top pest management professionals to have around if you have an ant and termite problem.
They eat approximately 70 million insects per year and are calculated to save farmers millions of Rands every year in crop loss and damage by ants and termites.
Unfortunately, they are one of the most trafficked mammals in the world and are fast becoming critically endangered.

Another endangered pest management professional is the vulture.
Vultures clear rotting meat from carcasses, decreasing fly infestations and greatly eliminating the risk of spreading disease.
Unfortunately, the hooded vulture population in particular, is dwindling as a result of secondary poisoning and their popular use for body parts in traditional medicine.

A relatively unknown group of pest management professionals are amphibians (e.g. frogs)!
Frogs eat all types of pests such as flies, moths, snails and mosquitoes.
Unfortunately, many amphibians are endangered because of our pollution and habitat loss that we have caused.

A Little bird
One of the smallest pest management professionals is perhaps the Yellow Breasted Pipit.
This little bird lives in lush grasslands in higher altitude, feeding on crop destroying insects (e.g. locusts) and beetles.
These professionals are also endangered as a result of habitat loss (diminishing grassland as a result of overgrazing).


With many important natural pest management professionals diminishing in population, who will take on the job of pest management, whilst caring for our nature?

SMARTSENZ® Integrated Pest Management values our nature. We will continue to learn from our natural competitors and we will always try to put our wonderful nature first in our service of controlling pests.

We urge you to join the fight against the use of store-bought chemicals and embrace natural methods of pest management. We urge you to assess your supply chain in terms of its affect on our nature. We urge you to be custodians of our world and choose your suppliers responsibly.

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