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Maintaining insects
A group of researchers at the University of Florida may have found an alternative method of pest management for strawberry plants: The team decided to use an ultraviolet (UVC) light system to help prevent diseases in the plant. They found that UVC light helps in the control of Powdery Mildew, which is a fungus that...
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One of the most important rules in Integrated Pest Management is pest species identification. Why is pest species identification important? Just as cats and dogs have different characteristics and behaviors, so too, do pest species differ! There are thousands of different  pest species.  Some of which include; cockroaches, mosquitos, flies and  rodents. South Africa has...
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Insects are everywhere and by far the most common organisms on the planet. Not all insects are harmful. Many play very important roles in our ecosystem. For example: ants recycle nutrients, mosquitoes pollinate flowers (yep – the males do!), termites maintain soil structure & fertility and ladybugs control populations of other pest organisms. Almost all...
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