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It is a common misconception that all pests hibernate and disappear in late autumn and winter months. Although pest activity is somewhat lower than in the summer months, they can still be problematic. Its important to know what sort of pests to look out for in autumn so you can identify and deal with the...
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We all believe that we need to use cheese in our mouse trap because that is what cartoons have taught us, but is that really the truth? And what about cats that keep our property free from rats and mice? Did Tom ever catch Jerry?   Let the myth busting begin.   1 – Cheese...
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Small, furry, cute(?!) and sneaky. What’s not to like about rodents – right? Some people even keep them as pets! But – if rodents are not managed correctly – what can at first be a small, furry and cute pet can also easily turn into a PEST! Why do rodents become pests? Rodents are smart....
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Even though our South African climate does not bring us to put on the snow jackets and boots, it certainly still has a chill in the air! Luckily, it is still cold enough to bring a slight reprieve from pesky pets such as mosquitoes and flies. Aaand… if we are lucky – other pest such...
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