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Pest birds (e.g. starlings, doves, pigeons, seagulls) are a significant health risk to humans. They carry harmful diseases, insects, and parasites. Not only this, but they can cause tremendous physical damage to property and to YOU as well (have you ever tried to shoo a seagull away from its lunch? Things can get aggressive, fast!)....
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We all believe that we need to use cheese in our mouse trap because that is what cartoons have taught us, but is that really the truth? And what about cats that keep our property free from rats and mice? Did Tom ever catch Jerry?   Let the myth busting begin.   1 – Cheese...
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#1: Is this treatment safe for pets and children? Modern pest control treatments are generally safe, however it needs to be noted that pest management professionals may use a pesticide, which is a chemical that is designed to kill a small pest. Thus, non-target animals and pets would usually need to ingest a large amount...
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The battle against pests has been going on for centuries, and so it is not a surprise that there are some myths regarding successful DIY pest control methods. Simply searching ‘common pest control myths’ brings up a wealth of ‘knowledge’. Here we list the top 5 myths that we found interesting: #1: Pets eat Pests...
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