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Did you know? Sumerians (the people of southern Mesopotamia) were one of the first people recorded to use chemicals as a form of pest control. Around 4 500 years ago, they used Sulphur compounds to control insects and mites. A few thousand years later (3 200 years ago), the Chinese used mercury and arsenical compounds to control...
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Spring is in the air! In Gauteng, we have already received a few drops of much needed rain after the dry winter and so the spring flowers are finally starting to bloom into life! Unfortunately, they are not the only things that are starting to bloom. Spring is also the time of year when little...
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Firstly, what is a pesticide? A pesticide is any substance or mixture of substances (usually chemicals) designed to control, kill or deter living organisms such as unwanted pests.  This includes insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.   Things to consider when handling pesticides: What is the form (i.e. granules/ fog/ spray/ gel) of pesticide that is best...
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Over the last two months, we have partnered with Ingenious Faces for their flagship virtual global apprenticeship program.  Amongst other mentors such as Uber, Booking.com and Amazon, we have had the privilege of offering three graduates SMARTSENZ apprenticeships.  These apprenticeships designed by Ingenious Faces center around developing learnability and employability through workplace experience, knowledge and...
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