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Bed Bugs – December ’22

The travelling Bed Bug Season Many of us are looking forward to this holiday season, more so because this year has been a stressful year



Most of us in South Africa have come into contact with these 4-legged creatures at one point in our lives. Whether found on a beloved


Know your pests this Autumn.

It is a common misconception that all pests hibernate and disappear in late autumn and winter months. Although pest activity is somewhat lower than in


October ’21- Fly Nuisance

Spring is in the air! In Gauteng, we have already received a few drops of much needed rain after the dry winter and so the

Social Responsibility

Virtual Global Apprenticeship

Over the last two months, we have partnered with Ingenious Faces for their flagship virtual global apprenticeship program.  Amongst other mentors such as Uber, Booking.com