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Pest control and your health
Most of us in South Africa have come into contact with these 4-legged creatures at one point in our lives. Whether found on a beloved pet skin or crawling up your leg after a walk in the bushveld, it is usually only noticed once it has attached itself to the skin and has started feeding...
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Pest birds (e.g. starlings, doves, pigeons, seagulls) are a significant health risk to humans. They carry harmful diseases, insects, and parasites. Not only this, but they can cause tremendous physical damage to property and to YOU as well (have you ever tried to shoo a seagull away from its lunch? Things can get aggressive, fast!)....
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When faced with any pest issue, our first response is to find the quickest and cheapest way to sort out the problem. We buy over the counter pesticides without understanding why we have pests in the first place. Here are a few reasons why DIY pest control does not work: Treating the cause, and not...
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Did you know: The name Cockroach comes from the Spanish term Cucaracha (deriving from the Latin ‘blatta’), which means “an insect that shines the light’. We find this strange because cockroaches usually hide from light! Cockroach fossils have been found dating back more than 200 million years! Cockroaches are CANNIBALISTIC! Yes, you may know that...
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