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South African Pest Control Industry
Silverfish – as the name suggests – are metallic silver insects that move fast across surfaces in a swimming motion. They thrive in highly humid areas such as cupboards and bathrooms (which tend to become steamy and more damp in winter) and feed on just about anything from book pages, wallpaper, clothing and even glue!...
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Pest birds (e.g. starlings, doves, pigeons, seagulls) are a significant health risk to humans. They carry harmful diseases, insects, and parasites. Not only this, but they can cause tremendous physical damage to property and to YOU as well (have you ever tried to shoo a seagull away from its lunch? Things can get aggressive, fast!)....
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Did you know: The name Cockroach comes from the Spanish term Cucaracha (deriving from the Latin ‘blatta’), which means “an insect that shines the light’. We find this strange because cockroaches usually hide from light! Cockroach fossils have been found dating back more than 200 million years! Cockroaches are CANNIBALISTIC! Yes, you may know that...
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Happy New Year! Shoo – I think we can all say that 2020 was not expected and that we are grateful to put it in the past! BUT, what better way to learn and grow than look at our history. So – we thought we could start this year strong on a short blog on...
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