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Did you know? Sumerians (the people of southern Mesopotamia) were one of the first people recorded to use chemicals as a form of pest control. Around 4 500 years ago, they used Sulphur compounds to control insects and mites. A few thousand years later (3 200 years ago), the Chinese used mercury and arsenical compounds to control...
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Insects are everywhere and by far the most common organisms on the planet. Not all insects are harmful. Many play very important roles in our ecosystem. For example: ants recycle nutrients, mosquitoes pollinate flowers (yep – the males do!), termites maintain soil structure & fertility and ladybugs control populations of other pest organisms. Almost all...
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  Time with family and friends is always fun, but sometimes playing the same old board games repeatedly gets a bit much!. Why not take our insect quiz and test your knowledge on some of the most interesting facts of insect life?True or False A centipede is classified as an insect. Bats are the only...
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